Neuhaus Museum


  Henry Neuhaus was born on April, 12 1888 in Elisavetgrad, today Kirovograd. He got the primary musical education from his father, the founder of the local musical school. On finishing the high school he studied under the guidance of the pianist L.Godovsky in Berlin. Later on he entered the Vienna Academy of Music. On returning home, Neuhaus worked in the local department of education. With his second cousin, famous Polish composer K.Shymanovsky, Henry Neuhaus founded the chamber society, delivered lectures. In 1920 Neuhaus became a professor of Kiev and in 1922 - of Moscow conservatoires.
  Neuhaus wrote many articles about music. His famous work is a book "The Art of Playing Piano". Neuhaus's school continued famous traditions of piano art.
  In1988 on the house, where Henry Neuhaus was born, a memorial note was put.